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the third installment of the sunshine series (and so it shall be called from now onwards xD) is hitting 6k words, and i'm only 2/3 done. i'm thinking whether or not i should split it into 2 parts and post the first part earlier.

splitting into 2 - pro:

readers get to read the continuation story faster.
hopefullly readers still remember how the earlier story went ^^;;
chance to introduce this story to more readers before the final part.

splitting into 2 - con:

after splitting, it'll be like starting anew and i'm scared it's gonna be hard to get the momentum to finish everything up.
the final part will be short. and i don't know if it would be satisfying as an ending o.O


anyone who's reading, any comment? =/

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finish everything up!!! so i wont waiting for you to write the ending!! its already killing me waiting and craving like this... so finish the whole story, make satisfying ending then split it *since it reach 6k words*, then post it.... its better like this at least i know the story already finish than i need to waiting for another update for the ending... its scared me when you said hard for you to get the momentum... so please finish everything up!! *hugs you for no reason*

no!! ending short?? you already reach 6k.. you can write more!! hey this jaechun we talking about... *gives you choco mint ice blended*

*ninja in* Totally agreed with the above statement. xDD hehe *ninja out*

thank you, i'll do that then ^^

it scared me too when i couldn't get the right momentum. i kept reading whatever i wrote and i feel something major is missing, the feeling is missing, and i was *pulls hair* ghaaahhh!!

but i've finally found it. and now i'm happy ^^ thank you for your input! and for waiting ♥ *gives you cookies* i'll keep the cookies supply coming til when it's done~

ps: i LOVE choco mint! you're psychic!! *o*

yes, please just write it as one part. I REALLY wish to read the rest of it.

hai~ new reader? ^^ thank you for the input! ^_^ i'll post everything up when i've finished it. thank you for your support ^o^

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