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someone please tell me how to get rid of writer's block T^T i've been stuck at a scene for 2 weeks and after 3 deleted scenes i still can't continue *wails*

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hwaiting bb!! you can do it!! read some fics, or watch movies, perhaps?? ^^
i just wrote a new jaechun teehee. psssst, you have a spot. hehehe

ooo i should learn more about this spotting thingy =D

i'm progressing. painstakingly slowly, but progressing ^^ reading more jaechun fics always help to shake my muse awake xD

lol. it's my first time spotting someone outside my real life friends circle kekekeke ^^

yes read more jaechun! it'll help you :D all im getting nowadays is jaechun smut LOL *amused* hope you'll find your muse, bb! im sure you will. you're awesome you write great stuff *jumps up and down for you* :DDD add me on twitter : name 'notyouOk' hehehhee. coz i want to talk to you more often! :D

hahahahahaha.ha.ha!! im sorry for laughing!! you must be depressed with all the high hopes whoever read your fic!! oh dear...*pats ur head* but its funny seeing you like this!!^^ idk what advice should i give... i never writes.. lol... but i do understand, with all the high hopes from the comments.. so i understand you.. with your school and so on.. i think you need a vacation!! haa one more thing.. dont think too much... its your fic bb and i know why you dropped it... it's all up to you... dont think if others doesnt like it.. they can go to hell XD

special ice blended choco mint for you!! don't stress out!! *hugs*

ps: i dont mind read all the deleted scenes!! kekeke

saja suka suka kekekeke *sticks out tongue*

oh~ igt nk bayo utang!! hahaha

o.O do you guys even know what each other are saying??? xD

*sips on ice blended choco mint* ♥♥♥

i just feel bad for leaving things in midair, and it's almost 2 months >o< and i really should finish this before my end of semester assignments start catching up with me...

1 more week. that's all i'm giving myself. even if by next week i still haven't finished it, i'll post up the next part anyway >o<

thank you for still waiting *HUGS*

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