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i wonder if everyone will kill me if i post a short part of the next instalment, which will, of course, end in a cliffhanger? ^^

maybe i should buy a shield and an amulet to fend off attacks and curses first before trying to do that.

anyway i'm at word 663 out of a 3,000max economics essay due in less than 24 hour time and all i can think about is my sunshine and my angel T^T the urge to continue writing had never been this strong!!

i promise, the first thing to do after finishing 2,500 words (i'm not even aiming to hit 3,000) is continuing sunshine and at least get him together with angel in a scene.

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663?? i know how to make it long!!! just do like these, jj wakes up.. then he sees micky.. micky sleeping right next to him... micky open his eyes... micky confess, he's little sunshine... they kiss kiss kiss and having sex sex sex sex sex... the sex scene can be in 40k!! bwahahahahahahahaha! see your problem is solve^^ dont try to kick or anything to abuse me.. i already had a shield!! haayyyyyyaaaaaaakkkkkk

*stares at you*


663 words are for my economics essay! xDDD as for sunshine, i'm hitting 6630 and more ^0^ and what are you talking about, my fics are rated PG!!!! xDDDD now if traci decides to drop by and do me a little tribute for sunshine then~~ xD

i... missed you~ :'(((
that's y i came back here, stalking ur lj, in case i missed any of ur update~

r u bz studying rite now? ;DDD

aww sweetie thank you *_* i miss writing too, but even though my winter class had ended there are still a big paper that i have to write which deadline is next thursday.

there's a plot dancing in my head for quite a few days now, hopefully i can get it extracted out pretty soon ^^ your comment might just be that one thing that push me to start writing again ^^


awwww~ nevermind! you concentrate on ur assignments first ok!!!! we readers will wait! ;DDDDD

OMG! really??? *blushing* ;ppp i'm glad i did ^^v

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