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i wonder if everyone will kill me if i post a short part of the next instalment, which will, of course, end in a cliffhanger? ^^

maybe i should buy a shield and an amulet to fend off attacks and curses first before trying to do that.

anyway i'm at word 663 out of a 3,000max economics essay due in less than 24 hour time and all i can think about is my sunshine and my angel T^T the urge to continue writing had never been this strong!!

i promise, the first thing to do after finishing 2,500 words (i'm not even aiming to hit 3,000) is continuing sunshine and at least get him together with angel in a scene.

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*stares at you*


663 words are for my economics essay! xDDD as for sunshine, i'm hitting 6630 and more ^0^ and what are you talking about, my fics are rated PG!!!! xDDDD now if traci decides to drop by and do me a little tribute for sunshine then~~ xD

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