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so i just remembered that once upon a long time ago english_01 tagged me and i forgot to post mine 0_0 i'm so so so so sorry sweetie >o< im just never good with meme, unless i'm in the meme mood, which is rarely the case. as such, i shan't tag anyone afterwards coz i'll simply forget about it >_> anyone who's interested, leave me a message so that i can go take a look at yours ^^

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 7 people to be tagged . If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. some of my biggest goals in life involve my idols and for that reason i don't tell my parents or siblings about it =p

2. i'm a sociable introvert who will happily go into recluse and cut off all ties with the world outside (provided i have my laptop), but i won't reject you if you ask me out =p

3. the idea of growing up scares me. i don't think i'm ready, ever, to be a grown up.

4. the last time i liked anyone (in RL) was more than half a decade ago. i liked him for 2 years, but until now i never let him know that i liked him v.v

5. i've read all the Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot series available from the national library. but whether or not i still remember them all is another thing altogether

6. i used to be an anti-korean, for about *counts* 8 years? i have nothing against the people, i just hated the way they speak in dramas, like they're always scolding people all the time. (and look at me now trying hard to learn to speak korean ..)

7. i've wanted to be a painter, mangaka, fashion designer, accountant, microbiologist, writer and translator, in that order chronologically.

8. i name my laptop and external hard disk because my friend named hers xD

9. i have my own belief about God. it's kinda hard to explain so if people ask "what (religion) are you?", i usually say "i'm lost.".

10. i'm not against any religion at all, but i hate evangelionist. i do.

11. sometimes i have weird urge to just sit in front of the comp and do nothing when actually i have to be somewhere or doing something important. i call this: Inertia Attack, and my friends are all well-aware of this sickness -_-

12. i write fics in a book before i sleep as a form of entertainment. currently i have written almost 2 whole A4-size books and the first one was dated about 5-6 years ago?

13. sometimes i wonder if i have chronic procrastination and addictive personality, and that my drug of choice is the idol-fandom world. it makes perfect sense, you know...

14. christmas is my favourite season of the year and i started to anticipate it about 4-5 months in advance xD

15. each piercing i have symbolises an academic achievement (passing is an achievement xD). i have 3, and planning to add on more.

16. my top 10 favourite movies of all time are Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Pirates of the Carribbean Trilogy, Avatar, Inception, Man in the Iron Mask and Moulin Rouge.

17. i have gothic lolita fetish. but i never wear them in my life xD

18. tall people are intimidating and hot at the same time o.o

19. <strike>if my parents/siblings know i write fanfiction in the BL genre, i'm gonna dig a hole in my garden and bury myself alive</strike>

20. once upon a time i believed Britney spears sings better than Christina Aguilera. Oh those foolish teenage days.

21. when i was in the last year of uni, my hair was short and it grew so little during the whole year my friend thought i was constantly trimming it every month T_T

22. Doraemon is one of my all-time hero.

23.i just found out that my name means "one who has great faith" in the Old Testament 0_0 my friend told me, and she knew i wear TVXQ's AKTF wristband everyday. wow~ tis kind of cool =D

24. i used to say i hate hot weather. after moving to beijing i just realised that i might be more suitable to hot weather than cold -_-

25. my current goal (other than finishing this course) is to make writing a regular activity. i want to build a reasonably good archive by the end of the year ^^

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Hola bb~! I'm back!

Hohoho. You finally done this. ^^ Oh my~ I wish I could pierce myself but I'm too scared lol and bb, I LOVE COLD WEATHER! xD (ah, we're very much different xD)

Oh you love Christmas? *looks at your early christmas fics* I can see that. xDD hehe.

Quote: 8. i name my laptop and external hard disk because my friend named hers lol! xD I never thought bout that... but now I think I should name my laptop too! ^^
Glad to know more about you hun. ^^

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