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when karma strikes back...
Korean Trade Commission has found SM guilty of interfering with JYJ activities during the past 2 years.

what noise do i hear? oh, maybe it's just the hundreds of thousands of JYJ fans across the globe cheering and clapping and yelling, "SERVE YOU RIGHT, SM!!!" the court battle is still ongoing, and there were so little updates about the progress i almost believe it's stalled now (which is why the first initial verdict was so damn important for JYJ, they're pretty smart).

but every so freaking often we would hear news about jyj's sudden cancellation in a program, jyj being refused to appear on entertainment shows, jyj activities being cancelled, jyj activities attempted to be cancelled by others and so on and so forth. it's truly maddening! so much until whenever we receive news about jyj's involvement in something, we would raise the issue first and foremost, "will this go through? will they suddenly be blocked again?" and it's sad to see that fans's first reaction to their idol's activities is apprehension first and jubilation later.

fans receive bad news regularly and get affected by 'external interference' so often, and we have to keep enduring it, knowing that while it upset us, it must've upset JYJ even more, so we have to keep on being strong because if we don't support JYJ, who would? the world industry was out against them. so, like a long marathon run, fans keep on cheering for each other while we run, picking up and pushing each other whenever a bump or an obstruction appeared on the path while trying to fend off the wind that tries to turn us against each other.

and now this comes out. it's truly like a sweet rain after a long drought.

fans, remember those days when we cried out, "FOUL! SM, you can't do this!!" and proceeded to accept the fact that there's nothing we can do about it? remember those days, those moments, those feelings again. and now, pull your hand into a fist and give me that emotional "YES!!!" coz we deserve this recognition, people. we deserve this triumph!

NOW we can point towards the general direction of SM's office and give them a salute, "Thank you for all that you have done, but i'm sorry your stinking business just have to go out in public. such a shame that everyone, not just fans, now know of your rotten way of doing business and blatant disregard for the South Korean government. and, gentlemen, serve you right in the ass."

i thought we're going to close 2011 with the European tour as a highlight. turn out that we have something more to celebrate for, the public announcement and airing of the revelation of SM's dirty doings. whoever responsible for this, bless you and bless your colleagues for making it happen!

and let the year-end parties begin!!


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