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Kim Jaejoong - MINE - review
So, the MV for title track of Jaejoong's solo album MINE had just been released 3 hours ago. So far, YouTube had registered 19 thousands likes and 308 views (eh), and personally I think I've replayed this song like 30 times, I can't really remember.

When I watched the teaser, I had doubts. Sure the teaser looked awesome; too awesome, in fact, until I feared that it had set up a bar too high for the real MV to climb up to.

But, my fear was groundless. The MV was everything I had hope for and MORE, oh f***, so much MORE.

Kim Jaejoong - MINE

Bear in mind that I'm doing this review withOUT knowing what the heck he was singing. I have no problem with that, because I'm not a lyric kind of person. But, from what I gained from my twitter list, I think I'm gonna get my mind blown away once more when I finally knew the lyrics. I might do another review THEN.

I've said it in Twitter and I'll say it again, MINE's awesomeness are embedded in so many layers that I need to focus my mind at one thing at a time to stay coherent. So, I'm gonna talk about the MV from the visual aspect first before tackling the song.

First, let's address the fact that Jaejoong is, indeed, very good looking and very, very, VERY photogenic. He's the perfect blend of good features, confidence and narcissism, all of which enabled him to become a really compelling figure on stage if he wanted to.

Secondly, Jaejoong had never been a bad actor. Sure, he started off as an okay-actor (like most people), but not BAD. Then, with Sunanare and Protect The Boss and everything, he started to gain more and more acting sense and he's getting much better in acting in front of camera.

The thing is that acting is the one thing that not many rockers can do. If there's anything that I can complain about rock MVs that I've watched, is that many musicians were not really good actors, and their gestures in front of the camera were very stiff -UNLESS when they're playing their instruments- OR too flamboyantly overdone. For example, Versailles are notoriously stiff actors, and Yoshiki and his piano and drum banging are way too overdone.

Between all the flamboyant gestures, cool postures and emotional expressions that Jaejoong showed, MINE turned out to be a work of art instead of being cheesy. Except for a 2-second part near the end when he was unfurling his wings and the movement of the wings looked rather stiff, the whole MV was beautifully mesmerising.

All these attributes of Jaejoong, supported by AMAZING props, elaborate setting and appropriate CG, created a fast-paced, super cool, spellbinding MV. I couldn't tear my eyes off the screen at all. In contrast, when I'm watching Versailles/other band's MV, I ended up telling myself, "Well, rock songs are better when played LIVE anyway."

On top of the balanced combination of Jaejoong's frustration, desperation, and fierceness, what truly commendable from this MV was, really, the flawless execution of the director of photography in capturing each and every freaking scene perfectly to create this masterpiece of an MV.

Each shooting angle, each jerk of the camera, each turn of that focus button was perfected to capture all of our attention and draw us into the specific details they want to us to see.

The falling snow, the dying branches, and Jaejoong's pale face and his prominent heavily-lined eyes.

The shining cap-mask on his face and his fingers.

The flashing lights as he struggled against the chains,

The flying DUST, the desperate struggle and the violent yanks to free himself from the binding chains. The fierce scowls in his eyes that was prominent even when half of his face was covered in steel mask.

The shiny spikes on his wrists.

The glint in his flashing orange eyes.

His desperately gritted teeth as he ran among the flying crows.

His beautiful fingers and shiny nails, delicately playing the invisible piano and then his serenely hooded diamond-encrusted face, half covered by his other hand.

That specific tattoo in his back and then his whole tattoo-lined back.

The snake slithering on his body, and then that indescribable expression behind his diamond-encrusted face as he caressed the snake.

The fisting of his hand and the numerous rings and bracelets on his fingers and wrist.

That specific moment his eyes were closed and his scowls prominent despite his face being covered by glittering diamonds.

That final snarl and jerk of his face and the trailing blue blaze that emanated from his flashing eyes that were scowling at us so fiercely...

EVERY detail that he wanted us to SEE was so carefully crafted and so meticulously arranged, making our eyes wandered all over the screen drinking in all these orchestrated details and seeing nothing else but the story that he wanted us to see.

Jaejoong and CJes must have spent A BOMB creating this MV. This is not just an MV, it's a work of art!

And once we're done talking about the visuals, which was usually NEVER an important point when I'm talking about rock song, really, we've come to the most important part: the song itself.

This is not a pop-rock song that I expected him to sing. This is a full fledged HARD ROCK song that I, fortunately, happen to be a fan of.

Did the song disappoint?

Not. At. All.

I admit that I'm listening to it numerous of times through YouTube, but I believe that CJes had actually uploaded a very good version of the song up in YouTube. The song is clear and crisp and I can catch each riff of the bass, each tinkle of the piano, which is awesome.

The song started off with lightly with thunder sounds and soft picking of guitar, followed by some drumming. Then, Jaejoong came in singing in his (fortunately) clear voice accompanied lightly by electric guitar, and soon followed closely with deliciously heavy bass that suddenly filled the entire of my earphones.

It built up with some awesome drumming and by the time he reached the reff, and it had easily developed into a nice, light headbanging tempo. By this time Jaejoong was screaming at the top of his voice, his voice rough, which somehow just added to the allure of the song.

The song broke suddenly with a heavy thud (if you're watching the MV) of the broken chain falling down onto the ground. Then came the theatrical entrance of the piano, and Jaejoong whispering darkly, eerily. The piano continued through, followed soon by that delicious bass, and brought us back into the earlier tempo.

Shortly after the short chorus-like background voice and trailing guitar echoes, it stopped again. Wheezing winds filled the air, and Jaejoong entered again, alone, with another desperate "yoge nojima!!" followed by the full music and Jaejoong resumed his heartfelt screaming, I mean singing.

By the time it neared the end, his "hajima" tone turned desperate. He repeated the reff once more and then finished it off with a final, savage, deliciously raw snarl of "HAJIMA!!" The music changed into fierce riffing and drumming and ended on an intense note.

And finally the piano came back to deliver the song to a beautiful, tragic ending. Jaejoong rose to the sky and the silverish outline of his wings were the last thing we saw.

And suddenly I felt empty, like the song had ended before its time, and I reached out to click that REPLAY button once more...

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I love your observation about Jaejoong and how his looks and his narcissism uniquely allow him to pull off "Mine", and also, how the song composition with the ups and downs just makes you want to replay it because it's really draining and you're left wanting just because how it ends. Also, the cinematography of this MV is unrivaled, especially when you contrast it with the rest of K-Pop and their clean, shiny boxes, this MV was a breath of fresh air. Great observations in this review.

Have you had a chance read the lyrics since? If you haven't, there's only one line I think that sums up the entire song: " Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me"

love your review almost as much as i love JJ and the song. is this song perfect for the singer or the singer perfect for expressing this song? he leaves such a lasting impression and powerful message and his vocals are beautiful.

I've never read a review of this song so perfectly written!!! Thank you very much.... hilarious reading, like H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!

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