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I love your observation about Jaejoong and how his looks and his narcissism uniquely allow him to pull off "Mine", and also, how the song composition with the ups and downs just makes you want to replay it because it's really draining and you're left wanting just because how it ends. Also, the cinematography of this MV is unrivaled, especially when you contrast it with the rest of K-Pop and their clean, shiny boxes, this MV was a breath of fresh air. Great observations in this review.

Have you had a chance read the lyrics since? If you haven't, there's only one line I think that sums up the entire song: " Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me"

love your review almost as much as i love JJ and the song. is this song perfect for the singer or the singer perfect for expressing this song? he leaves such a lasting impression and powerful message and his vocals are beautiful.

I've never read a review of this song so perfectly written!!! Thank you very much.... hilarious reading, like H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!

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