Jaejoong's "Mine" and the merit of the self-made idol - A Comment
So, someone wrote an article about Kpop idols who happen to be singer-composers, how she thinks they "get off easier" because of the adulation of fans who would praise them for anything they do.

Jaejoong's "Mine" and the Merit of the Self-Made Idol - by Patricia on January 16, 2013

I agree to some of her points. It's true that fans are generally full of praise towards their idols who happen to be composing/writing their own songs. It's also true that if there's any song/costume/concept/whatever that the idols sang/wore that didn't sit well with the fans, usually it's the management company who would get the blame.

I even agreed when she said that In Heaven sounding "repetitive" and has "stylistic limitation". Compared to 2VXQ, indeed, JYJ's self-composed album sounded somewhat...amateurish. Which, if you consider the size of production team involved behind respective albums, made perfect sense.

What I want to address is her claims that despite all these things that JYJ did -writing, composing, producing, even SURVIVING while being in exile- it doesn't mean that "JYJ is any better than your typical KPop idol."

I'm sorry, but, are you even reading what you're writing?

Let's break that part down, shall we?

"The reason why K-pop works so well is because producers, composers, concept designers, choreographers and performers work closely together to ensure a quality product, and they do so by allowing each member of the process to play up his/her biggest strengths."

So, according to this statement, if we assume that this is the typical production team behind a KPop music, it would mean that idols just have to be good in doing what their "biggest strengths" are, which, if you negate all the elements involved above, would be: singing. And dancing. So, that would mean that the definition of "typical KPop idols" would mean someone who simply are very good in singing and dancing.

If you see the number of KPop groups right now and scrutinise the members of each group, I'm not even sure if that statement even holds.

Clearly, according to the "typical KPop idols" definition that she's referring to, for sure a group of singer-songwriter-producer are NOT included in the definition? Because if so, then JYJ would very well be a "typical KPop idols" group, and the article would be very redundant indeed.

The reason why this article could be written in the first place was because JYJ, as exiled idols, had managed to survive and continue their career despite being blocked by mainstream media. Considering that they are the first one, and remained the only one, group who had ever done this, it would be futile to raise an argument about how those "typical KPop idols" would fare if they're thrown in similar situation.

However, she also claimed that JYJ was in this position -being involved in the production of their own songs- because of "product of circumstance above all else". Which, if you add to the earlier claims that JYJ was not "any better than the typical KPop idols", really raised the issue: if your "typical KPop idols" were to be thrown into JYJ shoes, can they survive? At all?

Let's break it down, again, shall we?

According to her claims, the "typical KPop idols" are usually just playing to their "biggest strengths" (inferred singing and dancing), because the typical KPop music production are really "effective business model" that assumed "assembly-line style system" that "just makes sense". So, this inferred that the "typical KPop idols" do not usually take part in composing/writing/producing/choreographing/designing concept, because they're just supposed to sing and dance.

So, these "typical KPop idols" are inferred to have never taken part in the production of their own music, because there are people who are in better position to take care of that.

Then, she claimed that JYJ being forced to produce their own songs as the byproduct of circumstances, which would mean that she acknowledged a situation whereby JYJ did not have any song to sing (thus, forced to write/compose their own songs), did not have a producer to produce their songs (thus, they're forced to do it on their own), and did not have a director to direct their concept (thus, they're forced to define their own concept).

So, now bring those two things together.

If you take in your "typical KPop idols" who are really just just part of an "assembly line" whereby each "member of the process" just have to "play up his/her biggest strengths" (in other words they only have to sing and dance), if you put these people in a situation whereby they DO NOT have any song to sing, DO NOT have any producer to produce the songs (which they don't have in the first place), and DO NOT have any director to direct their concept, can they -these "typical KPop idols"- survive? At all?

I don't think so. If not, entertainment agencies would cease to exist because they wouldn't be bringing any values anymore and all idols would start doing their own music production.

While I agree with her statement that idols should not be complacent in the mediocrity of their self-composed works, I would like to interject and suggest that idols who are writing and composing their own songs are most likely trying to be more than what they currently are. Their compositions and writings are most likely an expressions of their desire to develop their artistic abilities and to be acknowledged, one day, as more than just mere "typical KPop idols".

After all, at the end of the day the definition of a "typical KPop idol" is one that only sings and dances. For people who believe that there are more to them than just their singing voice or their handsome faces, it can be understood that they would want to grow, they would want to be acknowledged as artists who have their own artistic direction and identities.

In the movie "Three Idiots", there was this quote: don't pursue after success; instead, pursue after excellence, then success will come running after you.

At the end of the day, what matters, I guess, is one's resolution and talent. If your "typical KPop idols" wish to venture into production, but there is no talent, then it would be difficult to sustain the fanbase. On the other hand, if your "typical KPop idol" does not even wish to get involved in the production of their own songs, they would never know whether or not they have any talent beyond their recognisable singing and dancing abilities, and thus they will never be considered beyond a "typical KPop idol".

So, to answer whether "idol composers deserve all that love just for writing their own material", I must say, it's up to you. For sure these people have already scored on the effort and courage to produce their own materials, because -at the very least- these people are the ones with the desire to attain more than just the title of a mere "typical KPop idols".

And, finally, with regards to JYJ being the dark horse in the entertainment industry, for composing, writing, producing and even PROMOTING their own music, and STILL survive, it should worth all the merits there could ever be.


Kim Jaejoong - MINE - review
So, the MV for title track of Jaejoong's solo album MINE had just been released 3 hours ago. So far, YouTube had registered 19 thousands likes and 308 views (eh), and personally I think I've replayed this song like 30 times, I can't really remember.

When I watched the teaser, I had doubts. Sure the teaser looked awesome; too awesome, in fact, until I feared that it had set up a bar too high for the real MV to climb up to.

But, my fear was groundless. The MV was everything I had hope for and MORE, oh f***, so much MORE.

Kim Jaejoong - MINE

Bear in mind that I'm doing this review withOUT knowing what the heck he was singing. I have no problem with that, because I'm not a lyric kind of person. But, from what I gained from my twitter list, I think I'm gonna get my mind blown away once more when I finally knew the lyrics. I might do another review THEN.

I've said it in Twitter and I'll say it again, MINE's awesomeness are embedded in so many layers that I need to focus my mind at one thing at a time to stay coherent. So, I'm gonna talk about the MV from the visual aspect first before tackling the song.

First, let's address the fact that Jaejoong is, indeed, very good looking and very, very, VERY photogenic. He's the perfect blend of good features, confidence and narcissism, all of which enabled him to become a really compelling figure on stage if he wanted to.

Secondly, Jaejoong had never been a bad actor. Sure, he started off as an okay-actor (like most people), but not BAD. Then, with Sunanare and Protect The Boss and everything, he started to gain more and more acting sense and he's getting much better in acting in front of camera.

The thing is that acting is the one thing that not many rockers can do. If there's anything that I can complain about rock MVs that I've watched, is that many musicians were not really good actors, and their gestures in front of the camera were very stiff -UNLESS when they're playing their instruments- OR too flamboyantly overdone. For example, Versailles are notoriously stiff actors, and Yoshiki and his piano and drum banging are way too overdone.

Between all the flamboyant gestures, cool postures and emotional expressions that Jaejoong showed, MINE turned out to be a work of art instead of being cheesy. Except for a 2-second part near the end when he was unfurling his wings and the movement of the wings looked rather stiff, the whole MV was beautifully mesmerising.

All these attributes of Jaejoong, supported by AMAZING props, elaborate setting and appropriate CG, created a fast-paced, super cool, spellbinding MV. I couldn't tear my eyes off the screen at all. In contrast, when I'm watching Versailles/other band's MV, I ended up telling myself, "Well, rock songs are better when played LIVE anyway."

On top of the balanced combination of Jaejoong's frustration, desperation, and fierceness, what truly commendable from this MV was, really, the flawless execution of the director of photography in capturing each and every freaking scene perfectly to create this masterpiece of an MV.

Each shooting angle, each jerk of the camera, each turn of that focus button was perfected to capture all of our attention and draw us into the specific details they want to us to see.

The falling snow, the dying branches, and Jaejoong's pale face and his prominent heavily-lined eyes.

The shining cap-mask on his face and his fingers.

The flashing lights as he struggled against the chains,

The flying DUST, the desperate struggle and the violent yanks to free himself from the binding chains. The fierce scowls in his eyes that was prominent even when half of his face was covered in steel mask.

The shiny spikes on his wrists.

The glint in his flashing orange eyes.

His desperately gritted teeth as he ran among the flying crows.

His beautiful fingers and shiny nails, delicately playing the invisible piano and then his serenely hooded diamond-encrusted face, half covered by his other hand.

That specific tattoo in his back and then his whole tattoo-lined back.

The snake slithering on his body, and then that indescribable expression behind his diamond-encrusted face as he caressed the snake.

The fisting of his hand and the numerous rings and bracelets on his fingers and wrist.

That specific moment his eyes were closed and his scowls prominent despite his face being covered by glittering diamonds.

That final snarl and jerk of his face and the trailing blue blaze that emanated from his flashing eyes that were scowling at us so fiercely...

EVERY detail that he wanted us to SEE was so carefully crafted and so meticulously arranged, making our eyes wandered all over the screen drinking in all these orchestrated details and seeing nothing else but the story that he wanted us to see.

Jaejoong and CJes must have spent A BOMB creating this MV. This is not just an MV, it's a work of art!

And once we're done talking about the visuals, which was usually NEVER an important point when I'm talking about rock song, really, we've come to the most important part: the song itself.

This is not a pop-rock song that I expected him to sing. This is a full fledged HARD ROCK song that I, fortunately, happen to be a fan of.

Did the song disappoint?

Not. At. All.

I admit that I'm listening to it numerous of times through YouTube, but I believe that CJes had actually uploaded a very good version of the song up in YouTube. The song is clear and crisp and I can catch each riff of the bass, each tinkle of the piano, which is awesome.

The song started off with lightly with thunder sounds and soft picking of guitar, followed by some drumming. Then, Jaejoong came in singing in his (fortunately) clear voice accompanied lightly by electric guitar, and soon followed closely with deliciously heavy bass that suddenly filled the entire of my earphones.

It built up with some awesome drumming and by the time he reached the reff, and it had easily developed into a nice, light headbanging tempo. By this time Jaejoong was screaming at the top of his voice, his voice rough, which somehow just added to the allure of the song.

The song broke suddenly with a heavy thud (if you're watching the MV) of the broken chain falling down onto the ground. Then came the theatrical entrance of the piano, and Jaejoong whispering darkly, eerily. The piano continued through, followed soon by that delicious bass, and brought us back into the earlier tempo.

Shortly after the short chorus-like background voice and trailing guitar echoes, it stopped again. Wheezing winds filled the air, and Jaejoong entered again, alone, with another desperate "yoge nojima!!" followed by the full music and Jaejoong resumed his heartfelt screaming, I mean singing.

By the time it neared the end, his "hajima" tone turned desperate. He repeated the reff once more and then finished it off with a final, savage, deliciously raw snarl of "HAJIMA!!" The music changed into fierce riffing and drumming and ended on an intense note.

And finally the piano came back to deliver the song to a beautiful, tragic ending. Jaejoong rose to the sky and the silverish outline of his wings were the last thing we saw.

And suddenly I felt empty, like the song had ended before its time, and I reached out to click that REPLAY button once more...

when karma strikes back...
Korean Trade Commission has found SM guilty of interfering with JYJ activities during the past 2 years.

what noise do i hear? oh, maybe it's just the hundreds of thousands of JYJ fans across the globe cheering and clapping and yelling, "SERVE YOU RIGHT, SM!!!" the court battle is still ongoing, and there were so little updates about the progress i almost believe it's stalled now (which is why the first initial verdict was so damn important for JYJ, they're pretty smart).

but every so freaking often we would hear news about jyj's sudden cancellation in a program, jyj being refused to appear on entertainment shows, jyj activities being cancelled, jyj activities attempted to be cancelled by others and so on and so forth. it's truly maddening! so much until whenever we receive news about jyj's involvement in something, we would raise the issue first and foremost, "will this go through? will they suddenly be blocked again?" and it's sad to see that fans's first reaction to their idol's activities is apprehension first and jubilation later.

fans receive bad news regularly and get affected by 'external interference' so often, and we have to keep enduring it, knowing that while it upset us, it must've upset JYJ even more, so we have to keep on being strong because if we don't support JYJ, who would? the world industry was out against them. so, like a long marathon run, fans keep on cheering for each other while we run, picking up and pushing each other whenever a bump or an obstruction appeared on the path while trying to fend off the wind that tries to turn us against each other.

and now this comes out. it's truly like a sweet rain after a long drought.

fans, remember those days when we cried out, "FOUL! SM, you can't do this!!" and proceeded to accept the fact that there's nothing we can do about it? remember those days, those moments, those feelings again. and now, pull your hand into a fist and give me that emotional "YES!!!" coz we deserve this recognition, people. we deserve this triumph!

NOW we can point towards the general direction of SM's office and give them a salute, "Thank you for all that you have done, but i'm sorry your stinking business just have to go out in public. such a shame that everyone, not just fans, now know of your rotten way of doing business and blatant disregard for the South Korean government. and, gentlemen, serve you right in the ass."

i thought we're going to close 2011 with the European tour as a highlight. turn out that we have something more to celebrate for, the public announcement and airing of the revelation of SM's dirty doings. whoever responsible for this, bless you and bless your colleagues for making it happen!

and let the year-end parties begin!!

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due to some RL situation, i'm gonna f-lock most of my fics here, soon, maybe this weekend. if you want to see it, PM me and i'll add you =) but you should know that i don't write much here anyway ^^ and i'll fix the links so that you can still read everything anyway

so i just remembered that once upon a long time ago english_01 tagged me and i forgot to post mine 0_0 i'm so so so so sorry sweetie >o< im just never good with meme, unless i'm in the meme mood, which is rarely the case. as such, i shan't tag anyone afterwards coz i'll simply forget about it >_> anyone who's interested, leave me a message so that i can go take a look at yours ^^

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 7 people to be tagged . If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. some of my biggest goals in life involve my idols and for that reason i don't tell my parents or siblings about it =p

2. i'm a sociable introvert who will happily go into recluse and cut off all ties with the world outside (provided i have my laptop), but i won't reject you if you ask me out =p

3. the idea of growing up scares me. i don't think i'm ready, ever, to be a grown up.

4. the last time i liked anyone (in RL) was more than half a decade ago. i liked him for 2 years, but until now i never let him know that i liked him v.v

5. i've read all the Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot series available from the national library. but whether or not i still remember them all is another thing altogether

6. i used to be an anti-korean, for about *counts* 8 years? i have nothing against the people, i just hated the way they speak in dramas, like they're always scolding people all the time. (and look at me now trying hard to learn to speak korean ..)

7. i've wanted to be a painter, mangaka, fashion designer, accountant, microbiologist, writer and translator, in that order chronologically.

8. i name my laptop and external hard disk because my friend named hers xD

9. i have my own belief about God. it's kinda hard to explain so if people ask "what (religion) are you?", i usually say "i'm lost.".

10. i'm not against any religion at all, but i hate evangelionist. i do.

11. sometimes i have weird urge to just sit in front of the comp and do nothing when actually i have to be somewhere or doing something important. i call this: Inertia Attack, and my friends are all well-aware of this sickness -_-

12. i write fics in a book before i sleep as a form of entertainment. currently i have written almost 2 whole A4-size books and the first one was dated about 5-6 years ago?

13. sometimes i wonder if i have chronic procrastination and addictive personality, and that my drug of choice is the idol-fandom world. it makes perfect sense, you know...

14. christmas is my favourite season of the year and i started to anticipate it about 4-5 months in advance xD

15. each piercing i have symbolises an academic achievement (passing is an achievement xD). i have 3, and planning to add on more.

16. my top 10 favourite movies of all time are Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Pirates of the Carribbean Trilogy, Avatar, Inception, Man in the Iron Mask and Moulin Rouge.

17. i have gothic lolita fetish. but i never wear them in my life xD

18. tall people are intimidating and hot at the same time o.o

19. <strike>if my parents/siblings know i write fanfiction in the BL genre, i'm gonna dig a hole in my garden and bury myself alive</strike>

20. once upon a time i believed Britney spears sings better than Christina Aguilera. Oh those foolish teenage days.

21. when i was in the last year of uni, my hair was short and it grew so little during the whole year my friend thought i was constantly trimming it every month T_T

22. Doraemon is one of my all-time hero.

23.i just found out that my name means "one who has great faith" in the Old Testament 0_0 my friend told me, and she knew i wear TVXQ's AKTF wristband everyday. wow~ tis kind of cool =D

24. i used to say i hate hot weather. after moving to beijing i just realised that i might be more suitable to hot weather than cold -_-

25. my current goal (other than finishing this course) is to make writing a regular activity. i want to build a reasonably good archive by the end of the year ^^

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i wonder if everyone will kill me if i post a short part of the next instalment, which will, of course, end in a cliffhanger? ^^

maybe i should buy a shield and an amulet to fend off attacks and curses first before trying to do that.

anyway i'm at word 663 out of a 3,000max economics essay due in less than 24 hour time and all i can think about is my sunshine and my angel T^T the urge to continue writing had never been this strong!!

i promise, the first thing to do after finishing 2,500 words (i'm not even aiming to hit 3,000) is continuing sunshine and at least get him together with angel in a scene.

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tempted to post 3/4 done sunshine's final installment

*hands itching*

my brain is half frozen and i cant think straight.

yes or no?


*defrosts fingers and continues typing*

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someone please tell me how to get rid of writer's block T^T i've been stuck at a scene for 2 weeks and after 3 deleted scenes i still can't continue *wails*

just for fun - JYJ Showcase in Singapore - presscon
JYJinSG presscon

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the third installment of the sunshine series (and so it shall be called from now onwards xD) is hitting 6k words, and i'm only 2/3 done. i'm thinking whether or not i should split it into 2 parts and post the first part earlier.

splitting into 2 - pro:

readers get to read the continuation story faster.
hopefullly readers still remember how the earlier story went ^^;;
chance to introduce this story to more readers before the final part.

splitting into 2 - con:

after splitting, it'll be like starting anew and i'm scared it's gonna be hard to get the momentum to finish everything up.
the final part will be short. and i don't know if it would be satisfying as an ending o.O


anyone who's reading, any comment? =/


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