fic - For Your Happiness
Title: For Your Happiness
Genre: fluff, angst, a mixture of both.
Length: one-shot
Word count: 1,860
Pairing: SoulMate aka JaeChun.
Warning: character(s) death(s).
Rating: G
Disclaimer: not mine in real life, *sad*

A/N: I know I’m supposed to finish the crossroad/sunshine series, but I’ve been watching Gundam 00 for the past few days and just now I read this article about food stamp, and bham, this came up. But trust me, I’m working on my sunshine, I am ^^;; It’s just that it’s getting to be longer than I expected...
A/N: i know i said i wont post anymore fic to this journal. but depending on the content of my fic, i think i might still post some fics here ^^
A/N: newly-edited title coz the initial title is so misleading... (dec2011)

summary: one of them could escape the suffering and the other had to stay to endure it.Collapse )

love or hate
 when they came to "rescue" JCS and took them under their wings even with the lawsuit still going on and bringing them closer to the japanese fans admist the chaos happening in korea: loved.

when they dropped them due to whatever reason there is -i duno what to believe anymore- and caused the media to write some unpleasant news abt JCS: hated

if, by doing this, tohoshinki comes back together again: love love love.

but IF, because of that, JCS are forced to work under SME again and still under slave contract with unfair income distribution: hate hate hate HATE!!

i will decide whether to love or hate you depending on the kind of ending you're steering JCS into, avex. coz i may not know what to believe at this point of time, but i know WHO to believe. and trust me when i say that it's not you whom i'm siding with.

okay, rl updates. the second week of my MBA had just passed by and yesterday we were introduced to a new module : Human Resource. the teacher is interesting, extremely engaging, and speaks the best english out of all. the lesson itself is....intimidating, to say the least. he transformed the classroom into a board meeting in which us are acting as the senior managers and him as CEO. the first presentation was a total massacre in which he shot down every single presenter with real life board room attitude and left my friend shaking in his seat. GOD! i took off my hats to all the presenters, they are truly THE bravest and most courageous souls in class! by the second session, quite a number of the initial students had disappeared, dropping the class perhaps =/

but it was honestly the most interesting module i've taken so far. and, if there's going to be weekly massacre, well then i can only say  that it's better to be 'killed' here in a classroom rather than in a real board meeting in which you could easily lose your job depending on your presentation skill. ghah!! i'm gonna need to build my stamina every week for this particular class...

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i'm really too tired to blog anything proper right now, this morning HR module was a killer and i just want to take a little mental break.

but i've read something that might possibly be my favourite piece of writing about this situation. i want to give the writer a hug for saying so many things i would like to say myself, so let me just link you to the blog post here.

and, quoting a little bit from there:

(quote )

I do know one thing, though.  I know that fans all over the world are only becoming more resolved in their intention to see it through no matter what happens.  Nobody can buy the type of respect I have for these young men right now. 

What I wish most is for them to keep their eyes on their goal, walk forward with the respect that they've earned and to keep fighting for what's right.  I wish there was another group as talented and popular as they are who could have fought these battles years ago and paved an easier way for them.  But they happen to be the first.  They have a heavy responsibility and I hope they know there are those of us in the U.S., in Canada, in Finland, in Malaysia, in Thailand, in Australia, in Germany, in Taiwan, in China, in Morocco and all parts unknown all over the world who will not let them walk through this alone.

AMIN. thank you for saying this on behalf of the fans.

AKTF, cassies. you know there's a reason those words are inked on soulmates' body.

AKTF for our boys. they need us.

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first avex says this and this. and then JCS says that.


seriously. what??

avex, i really liked you because i think you care a lot about tohoshinki and everything? but my loyalty was never to be questioned. i feel bad, but the truth is my first priority lies in jaechunsu and homin. even though the fact remains that both of you are openly, glaringly pointing fingers accusing each other, and even though you are, of course, backed up by a bunch of japan's most famous artists and jaechunsu are nothing but a bunch of talented people who are already having problem with their management in their home country, my faith still remains with them. sorry.

still, seriously, i don't know what to think anymore now.

after X Japan's The Last Live concert, i never felt such a strong urge to cry. but right now, reading about the statements from JCS lawyers and reading chiba's twit, maxmatsuura's twit and avex's press release while listening to jaejae's For You Its Separation For Me It's Waiting, i felt such a strong compelling urge to cry.

why is this happening?

... just what on earth is going on, jae, chun, su? i wish i know what's really going on and how you are coping right now... i actually stopped praying for your wellbeing for a few days and this happens. god, i will never neglect praying to you again, but please don't let this continue to happen to my favourite boys, please.

listening to "For You It's Separation, For Me It's Waiting" and crying in my heart

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so, i just read another evidence that supported my earlier analysis. (thank you tohosomnia for the trans)

no good, jaechunsu, no good. avex IS letting you guys go just because of that with-criminal-record company.

can anyone tell me why is it that TVXQ's problem always comes from the korea side while japan had always become their saving grace? coming to japan was probably the best thing that had happened to them, thank you, SME, for that.

and now avex is letting them go. this is a new low, i'm really worried now.

in the past, we all could depend on good ol' avex to not let these talented guys away. but now, just because of a certain someone who has a criminal record, avex is letting them go?

i'm worried. i am.

jaechunsu, whatever happens, please try not to let avex go? >o<!!!

SungKyunKwan and Scandal OST
god jaejae......

might be the second of my favourite jaejoong's solo after Footsteps.... this is just so beautiful in heart-tugging way T^T love love love this song! i found faults in Insa and 잊혀진 계절, but this is excellent! despite his deteriorating voice, it still hasn't lost its serenely beautiful quality >o< jaejae please please pleasepleaseplease stop smoking? T^T

i'm ripping this song right away >o<
the next time i buy something from yesasia, i'm gonna get this CD as well. and the Christmas Gift from DBSK too (it's almost christmas time! xD)

this is the first time i heard this song, but i like it =) somehow it gives off the hopeful feeling ^_^ though, for the time being my heart is still much too preoccupied with Jaejae's For You It's Separation For Me It's Waiting ♥

avex, is this what you mean? is this really what you mean???!!
i'm so upset and confused and in pretty much disbelief that avex is throwing JYJ away just like that. i tried to make sense of the news just now, but the more i tried to understand, the more upset i became. everything, as it seemed, boiled down to two sentences that tied up everything mentioned in the press statement together in a very dark way:

taken from excerpt of translation provided by DBSKNights:

"At the same time, there is a possibility that JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN's contract with Avex may be voided as a result of developments in their Korean exclusive contract lawsuit.

Avex holds heavy regard for both the legal and ethical implications of its management guidelines, thus until a clear resolution has been found, we will discontinue our management of the trio's activities."

( -whatever written after this solely came from my point of view and there's no way it should be tied to DBSKnights, OneTVXQ, Tohosomnia or SYC who have also provided the information- )

that can be easily explained as: from avex's point of view, there's possibility that jaechunsu is going to lose the lawsuit and thus their exclusive contract with SME will still be upheld, which will render their current exclusive contract with avex under the name JYJ void.

here comes the disheartening breakdown of what those sentences meant, really:

avex had known that JCS filed lawsuit against SME. avex had known that TVXQ is in hiatus currently because of that. avex learnt that JCS was granted partial suspension of exclusive contract and the court had ruled that SME shouldn't interfere with JCS's personal activities til further ruling is out.

considering those points, avex, then, signed JCS under the name JYJ to release a DVD "3hree Voices", hold a Thanksgiving event in Osaka and Tokyo DOme and subsequently release a minialbum "The..." and DVD of their Thanksgiving concert, both of which attained number 1 in Weekly Oricon chart and created a new record.

i don't know at which point of time did JCS acquired C.jes as their new management company, but apparently NOW avex found out that the legal representative of this company had been jailed beforehand for coercion issue.

BAM! avex suddenly realised the bad implication of having such management company being tied up with avex's name through JCS as the common artist, and upon further thought, realised that JCS's matter with SME is actually NOT resolved yet! Tohoshinki's contract with avex was not touched at all; it's still very much the same as it was previously when the 5 were all still under SME.

SO, rather than being tied up with a management company with criminal record under their name, avex would rather have SME back as their 'partner' in korea. avex even brought up the possibility that JCS's contract with avex would be ruled as void by Korea's court, showing the company's interest in this matter which, as i see it, is skewed towards SME getting back JCS under its wings now, even if only so that JCS will not be under Cjes (and thus tie avex's name to that tarnished company) anymore.

and thus, with all those points under consideration, avex decided to halt further JCS's activities in Japan.



what is this?

no, seriously, tell me what is this????

avex, if what i said is not true, please come and tell me to take it down. please! i'll be happy to receive a note to take down this content or else you'll sue me in court for defamation issue as an exchange for another plausible, believable reason behind this move.

otherwise, i'm going to be very, very, VERY disappointed in you!

very disappointed.

whoever believed in chinese zodiac fortune telling should double and triple check with their fortune tellers. this is the year of the tiger and it promised great success and development especially for the tigers. yoochun and junsu are both tigers. prediction missed by much?

*awaits JCS's press release tomorrow with a bated breath* i pray for a day when i have to make another post to render this post invalid in 100% absolute conviction.

ayumi - blossom PV (short ver)
be still my heart....

i think my heart stopped a few times in the short 1 minute and 37 seconds..... like, i can still feel my heart thumping now.... the director of this PV either:
a) wants to turn ayumi fans into jaejoong fans, or
b) he doesn't know how deadly, murderous jaejoong's smile is, or
c) he's just acting on behalf of ayuyu who is, of course, a toho-fan xD

whatever it is.... if you're sick and tired of the world and desperately want to kill yourself, consider this the sweetest way imaginable to die

*brb dying*

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i do miss the time when yunho and changmin are singing live ballads.

... and the time when jaechunsu are dancing to SMP songs ala Purple Line, Mirotic, O...

i find it funny that i know exactly what these guys are capable of doing and i know what they're particularly good at, but the true extent of it never really showed up until, like, now.

i mean, i've done some "what-if" scenarios even waaay before jaechunsu filed lawsuit in the universe of "if i were to have my own way with TVXQ's concert". basically i was like, "if i have my own way with TVXQ concert:

1- i'll get a three-way piano battle between jae-chun-su

2- i'll get changmin to start participating in dance battle because, gosh, that boy CAN dance too!

3- i'll give yunho a solo ballad to sing. who says leadersshi can only dance? i love yunho's soothing voice, like in Heart Mind Soul, as long as he stays off nasal voice like Purple Line or in T Tour, that is =_=

4- i'll ban yoochun from being too sappy and sad in his solo and get him to do another thing that he's good at: being greasy and cute instead of mellow and sensitive

5- i'll get jaejoong and junsu a duet of the most powerful song available on earth

6- i'll get the boys sing Love in The Ice and Bolero first, followed directly with live performance of O, Mirotic and Rising Sun, and end with a happy Balloons, in that order. i want to be able to boast off to my friends that, by just taking a short 6-song-segment of the concert, these guys can show off exactly what they're capable of doing and to what extent they can do it well. like, really well.

as we could see from SMTown Live and a-nation, somethings are missing from JCS's stage and Homin's stage. homin specialised in smp dance songs, but i missed listening to them singing LIVE, singing something slow and powerful. changmin can do it, but why is SME not giving yunho the chance to show that he can do it too? musical Goong should be an indicator enough to show that yunho can be entrusted with ballads songs. and about smp dance songs, kpop is better than jpop in terms of sophistication of dance moves, and i miss watching jaechunsu dance to something cool, something that glue my eyes to the screen, something faster and more dramatic than Intoxication. the short time when jae and chun joined su in Intoxication was fine, i just wished it was 5x longer =P

so, seeing homin dancing in SMTown and jaechunsu belting out ballads after ballads in concert and just struck me: isn't this what i imagined them doing best? how come i never realised just how bloody much i will miss them doing the other thing as well?

-end of random musing-

i'm drowning in MBA work -_- so many readings >o< i'll pick up Crossroad series again on wednesday afternoon. by then, i sure hope that someone from above had given me some kind of inspiration, i'm kinda stuck right now and duno how to proceed... this last installment is getting to be scarier and harder to produce than i thought T__T

life is about having dream and trying to achieve it.
i've decided that everytime i have a little bit of a dream, i'm gonna post it up. by the end of the year, or 10 year depending on when i'm gonna reflect upon this, i shall see how many dreams have i achieved.

today's little dream is: to be able to write something so powerful and engaging people wouldn't mind waiting for months and years for updates and still come to check for new chapter even without the fic being posted up in any comm.

like milena_1980 *_*

i just remembered Sleeping With Ghosts again just now, and went to check her journal. apparently i forgot to track the fic down, and she had updated quite a few weeks/months ago >'< i kinda devoured the whole Sleeping With Ghosts in one night and half a day, crying my eyes out in front of the computer like crazy lunatic in the dead of the night, and went to stalk her for the next few weeks until i was certain that she wasn't going to update soon and that she's on a hiatus, and i stopped stalking. so, i was never aware that i haven't tracked the fic down.

but just now, as i read it again, i could still recall the settings and situations from the previous chapters without having to refresh my memory. and i'm still waiting, craving for more updates. if this is other fic, i would give up by the 2nd month of no updates, but this is Sleeping With Ghosts and milena_1980 is really pretty special. i just can't get myself away from this fic!

so, today's dream is milena_1980 ^^ it's still a long, loong, loooooong way to go, but a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step, no? ^^

yosh, i should also start on the third installment of Crossroad series.
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